Wike Tells IPOB: Nobody Obeyed Your ‘Sit At Home’ Order In Rivers

The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike has said he will continue to stand by his words that the activities of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) are unacceptable in the state whether his life is threatened or not.

The governor who spoke when he featured on Channels Television programme ‘Politics Today’ monitored by BLOGARENA said he is not afraid of death as every man will die someday.

He said that the sit at home order cannot work in Rivers as the states is a South-South state and not one of the South-Eastern states.

He said “With all due respect, I have said it before and I will continue to say it, IPOB cannot make an order to say that people should sit at home in Rivers. I have said that clearly before because it does not exist in Rivers state. Rivers state is South-South. We are in Niger Delta”.

“I am not saying whether the people of South-East should not obey what IPOB has said or not but they cannot give orders to Rivers people that we should sit at home. No! It is not possible.

“Like I always say, I am not against IPOB’s activities in the South-East because they have a right to whatever they are doing with their people”.

“But as far as Rivers state is concerned, we are not part of it. So, you cannot give an order when we are not part of whatever you are doing? How does it work? It doesn’t work that way.

wike to ipob sit at home order

“It is like saying there are South Easterners who are staying in Lagos, therefore IPOB will give a sit at home order in Lagos that nobody should move”.
“There are Igbo people staying in Kano, IPOB will go and make a sit at home order that nobody should move in Kano. It is not acceptable. So, IPOB for me.

“I have said it, whether people like it or not, whether people want to kill me. I know that yes, people must die one day but you must have to speak out and say this is not acceptable”.

“Our people are not part of it and so you cannot give order to people who are not part of what you are doing. When they gave that order, did anybody obeyed it in Rivers state? No, because it cannot work as we are not part of them”.




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