‘We Want To Kill Him’ – Fulani Group Reportedly Claims Responsibility For Attack On Ortom’s Convoy

A shadowy Fulani group, known as the Fulani Nationality Movement (FUNAM) claiming to protect Fulani interest, said that it was responsible for the attempted assassination of Benue Governor, Samuel Ortom, BLOGARENA can confirm.

In a press statement, in which Ortom’s name was badly misspelt multiple times, the group claimed its aim was to kill Ortom.

It vowed to get him ultimately because Ortom, as it claimed, stands against Fulani interest.

FULANI wants to kill Ortom

It would be recalled that Governor Ortom had on Saturday narrowly escaped death when suspected armed herders attacked him in his farm at Tyo-Mu community in the outskirts of Makurdi town, along Makurdi-Gboko road.

In a statement by one Umar Amir Shehu, which was published by an online news platform on Sunday with the title, “why we attacked Ortom”, FUNAM claimed the group acted on behalf of millions of Fulani in 15 countries.

The statement read: “our attention has been drawn to media reports today speculating about who attacked the Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom.

See the statement issued following Saturday’s attack on Ortom, the group in the statement endorsed by Umar Amir Shehu said:

Read FUNAM’s latest statement:

Why we attacked Orton: THE FUNAM STATEMENT

Our attention has been drawn to media reports today speculating about who attacked the Governor of Benue State, Samuel Orton

Yes. Yes We did. The Fulani Nationality Movement, ( FUNAM) carried out the attack. We have genuine reasons. We acted on behalf of Millions of Fulani people in 15 countries.

It’s a case of veangeance against an infidel who has used his time and money, deployed in destroying the Fulani values and inheritance.

Our courageous fighters carried out this historic attack to send a great message to Ortum and his collaborators: Where ever you are, once you are against Fulani long term interest, we shall get you down. This is a clear warning. We hope those who take us for granted will get the indisputable message.

Our intention is unequivocal: TO KILL HIM. That mission will one day be fulfilled and very soon too.


Eleven of FUNAM operatives were involved in the attack. Ortum excaped(sic) today because of a slight technical communication error. Nest time, he will not be lucky. We can assure him and his supporters

Ortom has been leading the campaign against Fulani interests in the North. We have our operatives in all Southern States. Each will face our sword soon.

We warn collaborators working against Fulani people across Nigeria: WE SHALL GET YOU irrespective of your hidden place.

We state clearly, any state or individual that opposes RUGA will be confronted. Any State or individial(sic) that opposes ranching, we shall get you. Speak against ranching and RUGA even on the internet: Our Noiseless fighters shall find and fix you.

In the next few months, FUNAM will carry out attacks on strategic human and material assets of States and Non State groups or individuals known for their anti-Fulani campaigns.

We shall hunt you down in your houses, in your work places, in your car, in your streets. It’s a matter of time


Umar Amir Shehu

March 20/2021




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