Viral Video Of My Police Orderly Carrying Food At Kwara Event Handiwork Of My Enemies – Nimota Akanbi

Chairman of the Governing Board of National Secondary School Education, Dr Nimota Nihinlola Akanbi says a stuffed plate of food her police orderly was seen carrying behind her at an event in Kwara State was meant for the officer.
A viral video has shown Yahaya Abubakar, a constable carrying a plate of food behind the Akanbi, a former Nigeria’s Ambassador to the Netherlands at a function where guests were treated to a lavish buffet of dishes, BLOGARENA gathered.

Many Nigerians have been outraged by the act, noting that the presence of the police officer and the “maid” duties he assumed at the party defeated the purpose of attaching orderlies to prominent persons.
They also faulted the top echelon of the force for prioritising the security of a few wealthy people while the poor masses who are in need of protection from robbers and criminals are left unattended.
Reacting, Akanbi, in a statement on Wednesday, denied the act.

Meanwhile, a police source on Thursday morning told SaharaReporters that Akanbi was lying, saying the officer admitted the food belonged to the former ambassador.

“I was told by a senior colleague in Kwara that the officer confessed carrying her food, so what exactly is the woman saying? What about the bag he was also carrying in the video? Does that belong to him also? The woman should say another thing,” the source said.

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Akanbi claimed that the policeman was carrying his own food at a community engagement they both attended in Ilorin, Kwara State.
“The truth is that I allowed him (police orderly) to pick his food. I am a teacher and disciplinarian,” she said.
The former envoy urged Nigerians to disregard the viral video, saying that it is the handiwork of her detractors.

She said she understands the importance and nature of the work of security operatives and that she would never do anything to demean them.




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