Viral Audio: How Sunday Igboho Was Betrayed By “Janbele”

An audio tape of an unidentified DSS officer has revealed how a former caretaker chairman of Ibarapa North Local Government Area, Omolewu Tunji Francis also known as “Janbele” assisted in the raiding of the residence of secessionist leader, Sunday Adeyemo, aka Sunday Igboho.

Operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS) invaded and raided Igboho’s house in Soka, Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, in July, killing two people and arresting some others.

The aftermath of the incident which was widely criticised led to the trial of some of Igboho’s associates who were later released in batches.


The DSS alleged that arms and ammunition were recovered from his house, but the Yoruba separatist agitator has since denied the claims.

Igboho and his wife, Ropo were later arrested by Beninese security agents at a Cotonou airport, Benin Republic while trying to travel to Germany. He has since been detained in a Beninese prison.

However, the viral video and audio tape said Omolewu, also known as Janbele, led the secret police to burgle Igboho’s house.

The male voice on the viral audio tape, speaking mainly in Yoruba, said the person who linked the security agents to capture Igboho was very close to him.

“We used his ribs to fight him (we used what is close to him). You know despite how mighty a person is, if something happens to their ribs (what is close to them), they will bend,” the audio tape said.

igboho house vandalized

The Babalawo/Herbalist That Went With The DSS And The Nigerian Soldiers To Invade Chief Sunday Igboho’s House On The 1st Of July Speaks Out. Remember that few days ago I made a program where I exposed them and ask to search their conscience. Today one of them is out!— Simon Ekpa (@simon_ekpa)

In another audio tape, it was revealed that Omolewu was behind how DSS officers successfully raided his house.

The voice said, “The person that hinted the DSS on the in and out of Sunday Igboho is his close associate. He is a very trusted friend in his agitation and movement.


“He was the one that gave them (security agents) the time to attack his house. He told them Sunday Igboho was very powerful but they could storm his house at midnight.

“This person I’m talking about is called Janbele. He was the informant who told the DSS officers how to raid Sunday Igboho’s house. If he wasn’t responsible, let him come and deny it. He betrayed Igboho because of money.”

Listen to the audio below;




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