Trace Bandits’ Funding Sources Same Way You Did With EndSARS Protesters – Hon. Kalu

Honourable member representing Bende Federal Constituency, Hon. Benjamin Kalu has challenged the security operatives to trace the source of funding for banditry in the North the same way they harassed #EndSARS operators and closed their accounts.

According to the Reps Spokesperson, there is no way kidnapping of school children by the bandits will take place without funding.

Speaking on a radio programme Ben Kalu’s Mandate monitored by BLOGARENA on Tuesday, the lawmaker said it takes resources for bandits to run their vehicles, camp their abductees in one place, and feed them for days or weeks as the case may be.

Hon kalu on bandits
Hon. Kalu

“Somebody must be responsible for the funding of this operation. This is the truth. The security agencies should follow where the funding is coming from and cut it short.

“In as much as we chase them into the bush and all the rest of them we are doing, we must begin to ask where is the source of funding of this thing?

“If we were able to close the account of those doing #EndSARS, to cut off the funds being used for it, we can also cut the source of this banditry. Without funding, no crime will thrive because AK-47 is not a penny. They don’t sell it for Kobo and they have plenty of it and display same openly. So let’s find out where the money is coming from and cut it down.

“As a legislature, we will keep using legislative intervention to support the executive in their fight against insecurity. This we can guarantee” he said.




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