Tenlek E-school is the best e-learning platform in Nigeria. It is platform designed for secondary school students to learn asynchronously from home during and after this lock-down with our professional facilitators.

Our teachers are from all around the world (Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Egypt, etc).

We offer virtually core subjects in Junior and senior classes in secondary.

Students can learn through, text content, image content, video or audio content, documents (Pdf, word, PowerPoint, excel, txt) and ask questions based on the topic delivered and teachers and other students will participate to answer it.

Our timetable is automated therefore student will be presented subject based on the timetable.

The learning pattern for the system is auto-sequence method. Which allows the students to move from known to unknown and gives the students opportunity to re-learn and over-learn the past topics.

We gives assignment to students on daily basis and CBT test is done when the student finishes a term work.

We provide the best and top-notch learning system for our future generation. So as to become a contributing member of our society.

Our payment method is automated.

Kindly click TENLEK E-SCHOOL to enroll yourself and your children now with just #2000 (Two Thousand Naira).

Contact us today and get free demo of how our system works (+2348076418544)


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