Seyi Shay: I’m Working On My Temper

Singer Seyi Shay has disclosed that she is working on her temper, Igbere TV reports.

The 35-year-old stated this in an Instagram post on Thursday.

Wearing a one-piece swimsuit and posing with a copy of Matteo Pistono’s Meditation: Coming to Know Your Mind, the singer wrote,

“I’m working on my temper, which of these imperfections are you working on?” in the caption of her post.

Seyi Shay is a judge in the ongoing Nigerian Idol reality TV show.


She has been accused of bullying some of the contestants instead of encouraging them.

Fans rose against her in March when she told a teenager that he should not have auditioned for the show because he cannot make money being a singer.

“Somebody lied to you. Somebody told you to come here and audition. You should go back and tell them that they aren’t your friend because that was not a good audition. You have a sweet-talking voice and it comes out in your singing voice but your performance is terrible.”


“You are never going to make money being a singer. I love you; you are so sweet but you are not a singer. You are not a singer. For songwriting, hit me up, we could talk but that singing is not going to work. Sorry, Darling,” she told the contestant.

The contestant would later tweet, “This broke me emotionally and psychologically, but God got me.”




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