Power Drunk Tinubu And His Bartenders: Edo ‘No Be Lagos’! By Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi

Someone once said: “Power is arrogant and the arrogance of power is stupidity and foolishness.”

There have been an avalanche of reactions from Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s camp to the video I had made calling him to order over his earlier video in which he had described himself as the leader of all democrats, irrespective of party affiliations. 

But the question we all need to ask our power-drunk ‘national leader’ of APC is, when was the election into the office of leader of all democrats across all parties in Nigeria conducted? 

Dear Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, such position is not a chieftaincy title and democratic ethos has not been murdered in Nigeria like you and your bartenders have done in APC where a cosmetic title not recognised by the constitution of your party was recklessly conferred on lawless individuals with  penchant for politics of thuggery and hooliganism.

The stupidity of this power drunks is to stupor. How else can one explain the height of foolishness that drew this conclusion:


“By Ize-Iyamu having 17 out of 24 members of the Edo State House of Assembly has shown who will win the Edo State gubernatorial elections” – Rapid Response Media Team.

The assertions of this media team has put to rest the rumours associated with the illegality of vagabonds and their usurper “governor,” Ize Iyamu whose private residence became Edo State House of Assembly where Tinubu’s stooges and Oshiomole’s errand runners were “inaugurated,” thus forming a parallel government.
In a normal clime under constitutional democracy, these gangs of robbers should have by now been quizzed by the police.

“By Ize-Iyamu having 17 out of 24 house of Assembly members:” How? 

Edolites,  have you at anytime elected Ize-Iyamu as governor? Has he ever been sworn in as governor? There are many questions begging for answers. 
This travesty of democracy must not be condoned. All Edolites must rise against it in the strongest terms at the poll on Saturday. Never again must vagabonds and their proteges be allowed at the corridors of power, not to talk of being in power.

Tinubu and his cohorts have lost touch with  the tenets of democracy. They have forcefully ‘kidnapped’ 17 representatives of the people and locked them up in Ize-Iyamu’s house and made them take oaths under duress. 

House of Assembly members are meant to be with the people and not governor Obaseki. That is the wisdom of democracy, the balance that all true democrats must uphold. 
This balance of power between the executives, judiciary and legislatures has favoured development in Edo State.

I appeal to the constituency of the 17 ‘kidnapped’ House of Assembly members to vote and rescue their representatives from the ‘kidnappers” den.

Edo must not be turned to  Lagos where the governor, the speaker of the House and all members are glorified stewards of the emperor of Lagos serving the extension of his dynasty and never the interest of the people of Lagos.


Oredo Local Government in particular should imagine how much more they will get, if without anybody pushing their demands, they got much development witnessed under Obaseki in the past four years. The liberty of their representatives is sacrosanct in this Saturday’s election. They must vote for their freedom from the dens of the lions and the tigers.

Edolites, you have about 1.7 million PVCs. Come out with them and make just one statement loud and clear: EDO ‘NO BE LAGOS’.

Lagos is waiting on you to learn how drunken meddlesome interloper without a portfolio in APC should be treated. ‘Derank’ him finally and return him to Lagos in shame. That it might be said that indeed, ‘EDO NO BE LAGOS’!

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi




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