NANS Meets AAUA Management, Reparation Fee Reduce By 50%

The Comr. Surprise Omotosho led National Association of Nigeria Students(NANS) Joint Campus Committee (JCC) Ondo Axis, the umbrella body of all students’ association across all tertiary institutions in Ondo State, earlier today met with the management of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko(AAUA) on the proposed reparations fee for the damage caused by students during unfortunate Monday, November 22, 2021 protest. Misinformed students had went on rampage destroying properties and desecrating the Senate Building of the citadel of learning


He said he saw the press release of the JCC when the University declared the punitive measured put in place to ward off further occurrence of a badly planned protest and destruction of properties. He said he spoke to his team to reach out and have audience with the AAUASU executives and NANS for renegotiations.

Comrade Surprise, in his speech, apologized on behalf of all AAUITES for their actions and inactions which led to gross misconducts. He pleaded with the entire management to tamper justice with mercy and also charged them to reduce the proposed reparations fee. He told the management team that they should consider indigents students that are still defaulting in paying their statutory fees. He reminded the management that it would be unfair to pile more woes on them with that exorbitant reparation fee that is being proposed. He urged the management to seriously consider the proposal of AAUASU that #5,000 is enough as reparation.

While receiving the NANS entourage, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ige, appreciated the NANS executives for taking their time to meet over the #20,000 per student reparation fee and other conditions attached. - BLOGARENA

The Vice Chancellor responded by appreciating NANS executives for their intervention in what he described as a critical time in the University. He said a meeting was held yesterday 17th of January 2022 which was adjourned to today 18th of January. He reported that extensive discussions has been held and the proposed 5000 naira will not be accepted by the Senate of the University which he said has, however, settled for #10,000 as the new fee. He commended the efforts of the Students Union executives so far and he appreciates them for their maturity displayed ever since the issues started.

Comrade Supreme (former student union presidents of the University) spoke about the scholarship scheme of the University which indigents benefits from in time past he urged the management to keep the continuation of the scheme, Secondly he spoke about industrialization of the University I.e the management should work on Internal generated revenue which can bring more income to the economy of the University.
The Vice chancellor responded, he said the scholarship schemes is still available whereby they always employ 200 students working part-time for the University which they’re being paid money that will help them to sustain themselves in paying their school fees and others.

He said the Pure Water Factory of the University will soon kick start because it’s under construction and it will soon be opened.He said they’re working on having University Bakery too which enhances Students Job opportunities and also an income generation for the University.

Comrade Akinola Elijah Temitope (Nans General Secretary) spoke about an issues raised at the last NANS JCC senate meeting about the theft and burglaries of Student properties around the campus, he told the management to liaise with the Police force to deploy more of their members, adequate police posts and also have routine patrols around the campus, he also recommended that the management should also work with the Amotekun Corps so they can deploy more of their men to the community to fish out the miscreants terrorizing the campus.
He also spoke about the opening of barricades to the Trailer drivers which are to be meant closed According to the agreements then when they constructed the Barricades.
The Vice chancellor responded that the issue of theft will be acted on swiftly, he promised to meet the New police commissioner and amotekun commander to come to their Aid and he said he will have meetings with the traditional ruler of the community concerning the Barricades and he said he has already approved Security Summit for all the students which was proposed by the school students union.he disclosed to us that The Governor (Mr Rotimi Akeredolu) has already approved the dualization of the road and also the road that leads to the Second Gate of the University.
The student Union President (Comrade Ogunsanmi Kolade) Appreciate the entire management and also the leadership of Nans JCC Ondo Axis for coming to their aid and for having a peaceful and progressive negotiations with the management.

Present at the meeting were Comrade Omotoso Surprise (Nans Jcc Chairman), Comrade Akinola Elijah Temitope (Nans Jcc Secretary), Comrade Josh (Nans Jcc financial secretary), Comrade Abiola (Nans Jcc Director of Campus affairs, Comrade Gbenga NSA(personal assistant to the chairman), Comrade Supreme (Erstwhile president of AAUASU.


Comrade Omotoso Surprise


Comrade Akinola Elijah Temitope



Comrade Ogunjimi Tolulope James


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