Market Southern Presidential Candidates, Be Treated As Traitors – Northern Youths Warn Elders

A group of Northern youths under the auspices of Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has threatened to treat as traitor politicians from the north that collect money from anybody for the purpose of marketing any presidential candidate from the South, BLOGARENA reports.

The group warned both the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to completely jettison the idea of zoning in respect of the 2023 Presidential election.

The group, at a press briefing yesterday in Abuja, stated that any attempt by the two major parties to block any presidential candidate from the North would be vehemently resisted. Speaking through one of their leaders, Abdul- Azeez Suleiman, the group claimed that certain northern leaders who are being prepared as marketing machinery for Southern candidates have been identified, and must be dealt with. CNG noted that democracy is a game of numbers, and as such, interested Northern presidential candidates must be allowed by the parties, also stressing that the purported zoning arrangement which some politicians are already fronting was alien to Nigeria’s constitution.

According to the group, the North is a major stakeholder in the affairs of Nigeria and can’t be shut out by any kind of unconstitutional arrangement. Part of the speech reads, “The CNG has resolved to expose the faces of identified unpatriotic northern traitors who have been paid huge sums of money to market southern candidates.


“We categorically reject anything to do with any undemocratic process such as zoning, we urge all northerners to resist the antics and tactics of the self-appointed antagonists and hired cronies from the north who are today all over the place conscripted in the conspiracy to deceive northerners into abandoning what God has blessed us with; its human resources,” they added.

While they claimed that the north has the population to compete in any elections in Nigeria, they have also called for critical stakeholders in the north to begin a sensitization campaign to get the northern populace properly informed and ready to reject Southern candidates.

“That the northern population, which is in the clear majority, will never accept any presidential candidate who is the product of an undemocratic zoning process from whichever party”.




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