Lawmakers To Ban Cross-Dressing, Offenders To Face 6 Months Imprisonment

Umar Muda, a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives, has presented legislation to make cross-dressing illegal in the country, BLOGARENA can confirm.

On Tuesday, the bill was read aloud on the House floor. It proposes to outlaw cross-dressing, with the exception of individuals who do it for amusement purposes.

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Recently, certain crossdressers have gained popularity in Nigeria, most notably Instagram entertainer Bobrisky.

Offenders now face 6 months in jail if the new law is enacted.

The bill proposes to alter the 2013 Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act by inserting cross-dressing as one of the act’s offenses.

Remember that if convicted, same-sex couples and LGBT people risk 14 years in prison.

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“A person engaging in cross-dressing is guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment of 6 months or to a fine of five hundred thousand naira.”




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