LAGOS: Teenager Raped Serially By Boss Cries For Justice

A teenager working as a home help has been raped by her boss in the Epe area of Lagos, BLOGARENA reports.

The girl named Balogun, who worked with her boss, whose identity is yet to be known, at Brown Roof Estate, Araga, off Atlantic Hall International School, Epe, said the man forcefully had sex with her multiple times and forced her to take contraceptives thereafter.

Balogun said her boss always tied her hands and legs whenever he wanted to rape her.

“It started after lockdown when the wife of my boss returned to work.

“My boss called me and tied my hands and legs and forcefully had sex with me.


“Whenever he rapes me, he gives me drugs and alcohol to use so that I will not get pregnant,” she said.

She added that the man always threatened to kill her if she told anybody about what he was doing to her.

“My boss always threatened to kill me if I told anybody what he was doing to me.

“The police have come to arrest him and I have given the drugs he used to give me to them,” she added.

The case was reported to the police but shortly afterwards the suspect was released without any charge, it was gathered.

Balogun, who came from Abeokuta, Ogun State, to work in Lagos as a means of survival, says she has been cheated is demanding justice for the sexual abuse on her by the unnamed boss.




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