Insecurity: An Elephant’s Footprint Ought To Have Obliterated That Of A Camel In Katsina By Balarabe A. Danbaba Esq.

The incessant mass killings being recorded in my State and my Local Government, Batsari in particular is literally reaching a crescendo of a sort. Human lives have been relegated to the background while the government is standing aloof watching the people of the underworld perpetrating crimes in the name of a ‘kangaroo reconciliation’ with them.Yesterday  alone, over ten (10) villages were ransacked and forfeited of their hard earned possessions in Batsari not to talk of the ‘daylight robbery’ which occurred in Sheme village, Kankara Local Government which resulted in the killing of at least   five (5) people and several others hospitalized.

In Bugaje village, Jibia Local Government, just a stone throw away from Katsina Army Barracks, Natsinta many locals were forced  to break their religiously God- ordained fasting of Ramadan before its due time of sunset. A Muslim will tell you how painful it is to break one’s fasting before its due time. 

Corona virus seems to be given undue publicity at the detriment of banditry. Agreed that Corona virus exists and is given Nigeria and Nigerians a deadly blow to its economy and other social aspects leading to loss of billions of naira daily, banditry in Katsina ought to be given greater attention with all the sophisticated apparatus at the disposal of the government because it also involves life and death.

So many unfulfilled promises were made by both governments at the eve of elections just for the politicians to have the votes of the locals. Let it be known to the government, though it seems the government is already in the know that  people have now lost confidence in them as humbly and rightly accepted by the State Governor.

Government shall therefore take the gauntlet of securing the lives and properties of all her citizen they swore to uphold including the ever loyal citizens of Katsina, the second State in the hierarchy of States with the highest votes donated to the APC in 2015 and 2019 elections, yet, with no or little Federal presence.

Prayers are equally paramount in subduing any calamity but that alone will not be enough without  a corresponding response  on the part of the  government. During electioneering, politicians do not only pray but also have the prayers fallowed by  actions and counter actions whether legal or its reverse.

The locals should owe it also a duty to report any unwanted move by any suspected criminal in any village. The security agencies on the other hand should desist  the bad habit of divulging any criminal or criminal activities  reported to them to anybody for the locals to have confidence in them as the Police are seen in some quarters as the “Perfidious Albions”.

To contain the perennial insecurity in my State and in the affected local governments, I humbly urge the  Federal Government with all sense of decorum to deploy even half of the security Personnel it is wont of deploying during elections as it happened in Ekiti and Kogi States. The physical presence of the Army Chief or Police Chief or any other Chief will not be enough, physical without emotional, sophistication and indeed fear of God is of little importance in this fight.
Let all the forests where these bandits are operating and residing be LOCKED DOWN in the true sense of the word by forfeiting them free entry and exit in and around the forests wherever the forests would be in this clime.

If the above are carried out to the latter, banditry, bandits activities, and the attendant Armageddon will be devilishly and hugely defeated and stamped out in no time.

The locals and indeed any peace loving citizen are seriously and honestly tired of clearing the way for the ox without seeing the horns, walk the talk by bringing the perpetrators not only to your ‘proverbial book’ but the book of justice! A word, as the eloquent would say, is enough for the wise.

Long live Batsari Local Government.

Long live Katsina State.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Balarabe A. Danbaba Esq. 
A Legal Practitioner based in Katsina State and could be reached:

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