Female & Male Sex Workers’ Camp Uncovered By Police


Police operatives in Lagos have uncovered a house where a 26-year old single mother, Miss Blessing Okite, camps female and male sex workers for a fee of N500.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the activities took place at Imodo compound, Ejigbo area of Lagos, where the lady, Blessing, resides with her 8-year old daughter.

Police intelligence officers at Ejigbo Division led by CSP Olabisi Okuwobi received information that the suspect, Blessing, was using her rented room and parlour apartment for women and men who wanted to have sex among themselves for a fee.

She was said to be making money from the business by collecting commission for each sex romp from both homosexuals and lesbians before the Police received information and busted the place.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that the information leaked after the residents observed the dastardly act going by the influx of men and women both during the day and at night and then informed the Police who acted promptly.

The Police were said to have stormed the place at about 1.30am and caught some men and a pregnant lady, who were also harboured in the apartment and were smoking hard drugs suspected to be Indian hemp.

During interrogation, Blessing admitted that she was into the business and her involvement was to collect her commission, allow the partners to have sex in her apartment and leave.

She reportedly told the Police that she hails from Arochukwu in Abia State and came to Lagos some years back before she started the business.

When she was caught, she revealed that she came to Lagos and opened a brothel at Agbole area before it was demolished by the Ejigbo Local Government and she then started using her apartment for the business.

The residents told the Police that they do want the suspect, Blessing, in the area again because she was using the dirty business to bring robbers, who use her base as take off point and return after operations.

According residents, Blessing was bringing all manners of people especially men, who come to her apartment with other men for sex romp and constantly exposed the area to danger.

When P.M.EXPRESS correspondent visited the Police Division in Ejigbo, the DPO was said to have gone out for routine monitoring of the area.

However, Police sources confirmed the arrest of Blessing and some of the residents of Imodo compound were at the Police Station to bear witness over the activities of Blessing in the area.

Police sources said that the Police may likely shut the place and ask her to relocate elsewhere as the residents were insisting that they do not want her in their area.

She may also be charged before the Court for running a brothel which is a criminal offence under the State laws.

Source: https://pmexpressng.com/police-uncover-house-where-lady-camps-female-male-sex-workers/

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