EKITI: Yakubu, The Pap Producer Changes His Factory Outlook

INSIDE EKITI: On 9th of August, I made a post on Twitter on my pap business and it went viral within 48 hours. I couldn’t believe it myself when friends were telling me they saw me on different blogs.

Pap Producer
Yakubu, Pap Producer

I was amazed.
I got a lot of encouragement as well as criticism on the post on making the place look more hygienic.
It wasn’t easy putting places together up to that stage where I had to erect a room, buy containers and pay bills. I was keeping tab on all the comments.

Four days after the post, the Ekiti state Governor Dr. John Kayode Fayemi invited me over to his office in Ado, I got the invite via one of his aides. I thought it was a dream, boom it happened the second day, I had to leave the market early in order to catch up with the time I was given.
It did happen like a dream after the governor aide took us to meet His Excellency Dr. John Kayode Fayemi.
After the visit, I received supports in cash and kinds to support my business from friends, family members and strangers.

The visit 


Mr. Todah Opeyemi also featured me in his Podcast, where I talked about my business life and several challenges.
You can listen to the podcast by clicking this link https://anchor.fm/talk-with-todah/episodes/No-shame–my-hustle-ei6jaa

“With the supports I got…” I was able to give the place a new look and acquire a grinding machine and a prime mover, all thanks to everyone that supported.

Pap Producer

To every young person reading this, don’t be ever ashamed of what put food on your table, as long as it is legitimate. Not many would have thought, if any, that I would ever get to meet people of such calibres as the Governor through a pap producing business.

I’m still working on getting to the final stage which is to process and package the pap, and expand my market.
Without my mum, all these couldn’t have happened. She set my foot on the path to entrepreneurship and self dependency .

I’m extremely proud of her, and I pray to God to grant her a very long life to reap the fruits of her labour.
I want to thank my siblings for their supports. I don’t know what I can say about your great love and words of advise.

Pap Producer

To my friends, bloggers, supporters I appreciate you all. I am extremely grateful to everyone that supported in their own unique ways.

On 9th of August, I made a post on Twitter on my pap business and it went viral within 48 hours. I couldn't believe it…

Posted by Yakubu Jimoh John on Friday, September 4, 2020


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