Don’t Get Married & Give Birth To Kids If You’re Broke, Ifu Ennada Warns Nigerians

Big Brother Naija star, Ifu Ennada has postulated that marriage is not for broke people, BLOGARENA gathers.

According to her, people shouldn’t rush into marriages and bring forth children if they are broke. She claims many people usher themselves into marriages with their backup plan being their rich family member or friend.

She concluded these unborn children should be left alone chilling in their world until there is money to take care of them on earth.


She wrote; “Pls don’t get married if you are broke and don’t bring children into this world if you are broke. Some people do these things because they feel that their rich family member/friend is a backup plan but this is cruel, especially to the kids you are bringing into this world,”

“Let those kids be chilling in heaven till you have money to take care of them. Let’s do better this 2022.” she added.




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