“Cheat With Sense and Use Protection, Actress, Moyo Lawal Tells Future Hubby

Nothing scares actress and entrepreneur, Moyo Lawal, more than bringing children into the world to suffer.

Indeed, she abhors poverty and irresponsibility. For this, she has vowed never to start a family without proper planning.

In this interview, pretty and voluptuous Moyo Lawal opened up on her celibate years, reasons she’s still single and her need for a crazy lover. Please enjoy it.

Can you forgive and take back a cheating partner?

I don’t see my man cheating as a big deal. What I don’t like is don’t come and be pretending that you are holier than thou, and don’t neglect your duties. Just cheat with sense and use protection.

Do you think your career is one of the reasons you’re not married yet?

It was more because before I started my skincare business a couple of years ago, I didn’t have a stable income. Even though I was working regularly as an actor, I couldn’t actually make a budget for the year. So, I wasn’t ready to start a family without being able to plan properly. Nothing terrifies me more than bringing children into this world to suffer.

What has stardom deprived you of?

Stardom almost deprived me of an opportunity to have a regular life, but when I started my business, I became a regular person. So, nobody can use stardom to blackmail me again (laughs).

What prompted your decision to go celibate?

Celibate? That was years ago. First, sex before marriage is still a sin, and if I am sinning, it has to count. I can’t be sinning like I am eating. Two, I was waiting for Mr. Right. But now they say there is no such thing. If you follow my posts, you will notice this trend at some point. So, I started talking about following the crowd, because if you can’t beat them, you join them!

What is your best sex position?

Best sex position? If I tell you, what will you do with it?

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What turns you off in a relationship?

Lies! What is new under the sun? Don’t just be a hypocrite or people-pleaser, and we will not have issues.

How do you react to rumours that you and Jackie are entangled in a romantic affair with a certain married politician in Abuja?

I am single, so I am at liberty to do anything I want. But please, let us stick to the truth. I can beat my chest anywhere that I have been better behaved. It has not been easy; I have had years that I abstained completely [from sex]. Do you think with that kind of self-control, I still won’t have sense than most regular girls and even some married women?

What are those qualities you look out for in a potential husband?

For me, husband material is definitely someone who has sense and empathy. He’s someone who treats the waiter like a colleague, who has deep family values, but not society driven. Then, he has to be crazy to a very large extent.

What would make you marry a much older lover?

Older lover? If he ticks my list, why not? I think it might even be easier for me because marriage is a job you have to be willing to work on, for the rest of your life. Hence, if he is much older, it might be a lot more easier; respecting his decisions and trusting him not to lead us astray because he has lived many lifetimes.




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