‘Be Careful Of Sleeping With These Girls’, Deji Adeyanju Advises Men

Dear men, be careful of sleeping with these girls, don’t think you can play a fast one – Deji Adeyanju

As December approaches, the tendency is for many guys especially in the Southern part of the country to be under pressure to make money and flaunt their affluence in public. In many cases, this show of affluence is basically aimed at impressing the ladies as it seems money have become the key to their hearts.

In the other hand, ladies also are not left out in their struggle to make ends meet. Some have taken to harlotry while some others indulge in what Nigerians call ‘Runs Girls’ or of late ‘Slay Queens.’

Runs girl

Comrade Deji Adeyanju has taken to his official Twitter handle to warn men to be careful of the kind of ladies they sleep with. According to Deji, some of them are walking native doctors. By implications, it means that a good number of them may be fetish and may have some fetish means to put men who sleep with them under spell. Aside that, Deji also warns that some desperate ladies may end up coining false allegations to nail such a man in a situation where their plans didn’t work.

Deji Adeyanju

Below is Deji’s tweet:

Dear men, be careful of sleeping with these girls. Some of them are walking native doctors they will destroy your live with juju & others with false allegations if their plans don’t work. Don’t think you can play a fast one & break their heart. Be careful.




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