APC National Chairmanship: Why Not The SouthEast? – Joe Igbokwe

Joe Igbokwe, Special Adviser to Lagos State Governor on Drainages (APC) made the following assertions on his Facebook page;

The APC missed a golden opportunity to reduce the tension in the Southeast and bring that geopolitical zone into the mainstream by failing to replace their National Chairman with someone from the Southeast. Part of why there is so much unrest in the Southeast is because they feel underrepresented in the national power structure.

The President is from the Southwest. His vice is from the Northeast. The Senate President is from the South-South, while the Speaker of the House of Representatives is from the Northwest. The Chief Justice of Nigeria is from the Southwest, whereas the President of the Court of Appeal is from the North-central.

APC National Chairmanship: Why Not The SouthEast? - Joe Igbokwe|BLOGARENA

Where does that leave the Southeast? Completely naked politically at the federal level. The imbalance is suffocating. No zine will accept what the Southeast is expected to accept, and the APC ought to have used this vacancy to placate the Southeast and prove to them that Buhari’s ‘dot in a circle’ philosophy went away with him.

What a missed opportunity! So what if the Igbos did not vote for Tinubu. Are we still practising Buhari’s 96% versus 5% formula? The APC is reacting to the #NigerianElections2023, when they should be planning for the next elections.





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