Selling yourself at an interview is a skill in itself. It’s also an art especially when you consider the fact that many people get it wrong. Their thoughts are all over the place when they have to answer certain interview questions.

Yes, interviews can be a difficult prospect. But rather than go into one accepting any fate that befalls you, you can actually prepare. Short of cramming what to say, and actually sounding arrogant or desperate, you can use these 5 powerful tips to sell yourself in any interview.

1. Look and Dress the Part

First impressions matter, and there’s no better place to show that than at an interview. Think of your looks and how you dress as a CV on its own. This is because employers are always keen to see if you look the part. What you can do is check if there’s a company tradition with attires they wear. Other than that, you can wear something classy like their current employee or above that.

2. Emphasize your Achievements

Employers want to know why they should hand you that special job. When you’re answering questions put to you, lay emphasis on how you solved problems. For instance, let them know how successful you were at developing content that led to great sales, or how you were a key element in various bodies in college.

Avoid empty words and phrases that have become the norm such as “I’m a team player” or “firm leader.” Sell yourself by showing what your skills can accomplish working for the organization.

3. Use Formal or Proper Words

Your choice of words also matter. In fact, it’s a great selling point for your skills especially in a formal setting. Saying words like “yeah” instead of yes, and “nahh” instead of no won’t help you. You’ll sound colloquial and informal all at the same time. Further, there’s a time and place for everything. If you’re familiar with such words at home or with friends, it’s time to drop the act with an interview lined up.

4. Wow the Interviewers with Your Knowledge of the Company

Nothing quite beats a bit of ‘insider’ information when you’re front of a panel of interviewers. However, it takes some research, and willingness to learn about your prospective workplace.

Before applying for a job, gain some knowledge about how the organization operates. This includes key departments, top executives, mission statement, values, and objectives. When you’re asked questions along such lines, leave them awed with the keen knowledge you display about the organization.

5. Be Confident

Even if you don’t feel physically up to it, project confidence. Let your body language blend with what you’re trying to say. Sit upright, make eye contact, use hand motions where necessary, and maintain a balanced tone of voice.

You don’t want to shout or whisper your answers. It’s very important in your bid to sell yourself, that you’re seen to be confident. Although, you shouldn’t overdo it, so you don’t sound cocky. Neither should you drink alcohol or take enhancements to boost your chances.

On a final note, ask questions where it’s permissible, prepare as best you can, and sound natural.

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